Redrose Medical: Welcome New Patients!

Welcome to Red Rose Medical, where your well-being is our utmost priority, enveloped in the highest standards of privacy and exclusivity. We cater to an esteemed clientele who, like you, hold their health and discretion in the highest regard. In line with this commitment and to ensure a seamless initiation into our bespoke healthcare services, we have curated a selection of essential documents for our new patrons.

Initial Documentation for New Members

In observance of our meticulous standards and regulatory obligations, we kindly request all beneficiaries of Medicare, as well as those transitioning to Medicare within the forthcoming year, to complete both the Patient Services Agreement and the Medicare Mandated Contract.

Please engage with our office at your earliest convenience to verify the availability of your introductory appointment. 

At Red Rose Medical, your privacy, health, and unparalleled care journey are our legacy. We look forward to welcoming you into our exclusive enclave, where your health aspirations become our devoted mission.

To facilitate a smooth onboarding process, we invite you to access the following documents, designed specifically for our new members:

Patient Notification and Demographic Form

A requisite for all new members.

Patient Services Agreement


A requisite for all new members.

Medicare Mandated Contract

members aged 63 and older

Redrose Medical Enrollment Form


An initial step to join our privileged circle

Patient Demographic/Insurance Form


To Better Understand You

New Patient Medical Questionnaire


personalized healthcare experience.
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