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Red Rose Medical : Elite Concierge Medicine Care innovative approach to treatment!

Founded by Dr. Sean Roden, retired NASA flight surgeon, Red Rose Medical is more than a healthcare center, it’s a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of wellness. We’re committed to offering unparalleled medical solutions, inspired by a depth of space-age knowledge and expertise. At the heart of Red Rose Medical, there is a team of dedicated health professionals, carrying the same spirit of boundless discovery and meticulous care that Dr. Roden championed during his tenure at NASA. We uphold his legacy of quality health services, rooted in empathy, research, and innovation. Our passion extends beyond traditional boundaries as we strive to provide our patients with top-notch care, efficient service, and advanced medical technologies. Inspired by the integrity and dedication to health and wellness that space travel demands, we bring the same commitment to every individual that walks through our doors. We are not just healthcare providers but partners on your journey to optimal health. Welcome to Red Rose Medical, where your wellbeing is our mission.

Seán Kevin Roden

Red Rose Medical : Elite Concierge Healthcare Tailored for the Discerning Individual

Experience world-class personalized medical care with Red Rose Medical, the preferred Elite Concierge Medical Service for high net worth individuals and families. Our founder’s distinguished background in NASA medical operations dictates our unrivaled commitment to precision, quality, and privacy.

Unveil the differentiating factor behind Red Rose Medical – our founder’s rich medical experiences. Including but not limited to South Pole, and NASA. This heritage injects cutting-edge medical practice protocols and stringent standards, comparable to those upheld during the International Space Station’s medical operations

Embark on a healthcare journey that prizes your confidentiality as much as your well-being. Red Rose Medical meets your privacy expectations, offering first-rate medical services that are as exclusive as they are ally for your health.

Explore how we tailor our offerings for the unique needs of our high-value clientele. Our understanding of sophisticated lifestyles and their demands results in bespoke healthcare solutions that are as reliable as they are personal and as opulent as they are efficient.

Red Rose Medical : Privileged Access to Stellar Elite Concierge Medical Care

With Red Rose Medical,  experience care reserved for individuals and families who seek premium, personalized, and discreet healthcare services. Our experiences allow precision and proficiency, coupled with a deep commitment to maintain stringent confidentiality has marked us as a distinctive medical provider

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Get this: when it comes to Dr. Roden, I'd trade my favorite pub stool to be his patient - and that's no small praise! The man may have an astronaut-worthy resume that's as dazzling as a supernova but, he's as down-to-earth as they come. Dr. Roden, or Doc Starman as I like to call him, packs a cosmic punch of knowledge, but he never makes it feel like you're being lectured by a Nobel laureate. Instead, it's as if you're having a relaxed chat about your health over a pint. Not that you're literally doing that, mind you, but you catch my drift. So if you're searching for a healthcare experience that's as groundbreaking as the first moon landing but also as comfortable as your living room couch, look no further than our very own Doc Starman's practice. I promise you, it's a health odyssey that's genuinely out of this world

— Antonio Valencia

My experience with Dr. Sean Kevin Roden has been nothing short of exceptional. As someone with an already remarkable background as a former NASA flight surgeon, the caliber of Dr. Roden's medical expertise and emphasis on personalized care exceeds all expectations. He takes the time to listen to my concerns attentively and ensures that I understand every aspect of my medical condition. His wealth of experience provides the assurance that I am receiving cutting-edge care tailored to my individual needs. In addition, his support staff is always accommodating and courteous, making every appointment and interaction seamless. Dr. Roden is an invaluable asset within the elite medical community, and I wholeheartedly endorse his practice for anyone seeking world-class healthcare.

— Matheo Darmian
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