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Exclusive Medical Care

Experienced and devoted doctors are ready to help you with VIP healthcare services.

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We are always ready to help you at the time you need help! We will work with the emergency team to maximize care and recovery

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Anytime you need help, you may contact us and our receptionist will make an appointment for you.

About us

Private and Dependable Exclusive Medical Care for High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Red Rose Medical is a premier private medical practice founded by Sean Kevin Roden, a retired NASA flight surgeon known for his practice in unique medical operations. We position ourselves as the quintessential choice for high net worth individuals and families seeking exclusive, top-tier medical services. Our clientele values their privacy above all else and expects nothing short of excellence in healthcare.

  1. Our comprehensive analyses give a holistic understanding of our clients’ health, allowing us to deliver quality, personalized medical attention.
  2. Through meticulous research in peer reviewed sources. We continually refine our exclusive medical services, guaranteeing our clients receive excellent healthcare tailored to their needs.
  3. We review the latest studies to curate custom, leading-edge health solutions, ensuring our clients receive the pinnacle of exclusive medical services.
  4. We delve into extensive studies to curate custom, leading-edge health solutions, ensuring our clients receive the pinnacle of exclusive medical services.
  5. Red Rose Medical reviews, evaluates and interacts with pioneers  in medical technology to drive the evolution and advancement of medical care.

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We are constantly reviewing various latest, studies to provide Exclusive Medical Services

We delve into extensive studies to curate custom, leading-edge health solutions, ensuring our clients receive the pinnacle of Exclusive medical services.

Our comprehensive analyses give us a holistic understanding of our clients’ health, allowing us to deliver unmatched, personalized medical attention.

Through meticulous research and analysis, we continually refine our concierge medical services, guaranteeing our clients receive superior healthcare tailored to their needs.

Why us?

The Red Rose Difference: Unlocking Personalized Healthcare for Our Exclusive Clients

Dr. Sean Kevin Roden’s experiences as a NASA flight surgeon, Emergency Medicine physician and expertise in supporting induvials in austere environments, We provide unparalleled medical advice and treatments that are of the highest in quality, reliability and scrutiny.

Our clients benefit from healthcare plans uniquely designed for their individual needs, lifestyle, and preferences, making it truly personalized and effective.

We offer our exclusive clientele benefits such as  telemedicine, functional medicine, aesthetic care telemedicine, seamless coordination ensuring a superior healthcare experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Meet Our Founder: Dr. Sean Kevin Roden, Retied NASA Flight Surgeon

Our practice’s expertise is backed by Dr. Roden’s remarkable experiences in preventive, emergency, travel, wilderness and aerospace medicine.  His years of practice in every possible type environment imaginable gives the patient a physician as unique a themselves

At Red Rose Medical, we go beyond providing outstanding medical services; we foster a deep relationship with our clientele. With our team we ensure total support of your life, wellness, health and well being.

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What our clients say

Get this: when it comes to Dr. Roden, I'd trade my favorite pub stool to be his patient - and that's no small praise! The man may have an astronaut-worthy resume that's as dazzling as a supernova but, he's as down-to-earth as they come. Dr. Roden, or Doc Starman as I like to call him, packs a cosmic punch of knowledge, but he never makes it feel like you're being lectured by a Nobel laureate. Instead, it's as if you're having a relaxed chat about your health over a pint. Not that you're literally doing that, mind you, but you catch my drift. So if you're searching for a healthcare experience that's as groundbreaking as the first moon landing but also as comfortable as your living room couch, look no further than our very own Doc Starman's practice. I promise you, it's a health odyssey that's genuinely out of this world

— Antonio Valencia

My experience with Dr. Sean Kevin Roden has been nothing short of exceptional. As someone with an already remarkable background as a retiredNASA flight surgeon, the caliber of Dr. Roden's medical expertise and emphasis on personalized care exceeds all expectations. He takes the time to listen to my concerns attentively and ensures that I understand every aspect of my medical condition. His wealth of experience provides the assurance that I am receiving cutting-edge care tailored to my individual needs. In addition, his support staff is always accommodating and courteous, making every appointment and interaction seamless. Dr. Roden is an invaluable asset within the elite medical community, and I wholeheartedly endorse his practice for anyone seeking world-class healthcare.

— Matheo Darmian
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